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Every day consumers look for professionals who are certified; it's the most widely recognized credential. While they may not know a lot about professional photography, they know that hiring a certified professional ensures professional quality products and service. Consumers hire for CPAs, Licensed Contractors, Licensed Real Estate Agents, CPMs, Certified Event Planners, Certified Nurses... the list goes on! Why not hire a Certified Professional Photographer?

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What is the CPP Standard?

Established in 1977 by Professional Photographers of America the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) credential serves to identify professional photographers who have demonstrated technical competence through a written examination and photographic image submission. PPA and the Certification Committee follow standards for certification which are established by the national Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE). ICE sets the guidelines for creating the written certification exam, and makes sure the questions are relevant to professional photography today. ICE also provides PPA and the Certification Committee with support and information to maintain the certification process.

What is Certification?

The certification of specialized skill-sets affirms a knowledge and experience base for practitioners in a particular field, their employers, and the public at large. Certification represents a declaration of a particular individual's professional competence. In some professions certification is a requirement for employment or practice. Doctors, mechanics, accountants, professional secretaries, surveyors and many others are all required to go through a certification process of some kind.

What is an advantage to earn the CPP?

Certification helps to show potential clients the value in hiring a true professional. Consumers might not know much professional photography, but they understand that certification means professional-quality goods and services. Anyone can buy a camera and take some pictures, but a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation shows clients that you are a true professional in your field.

Clients in every industry seek out credentialed professionals, as the public recognizes certification as a sign that one is an authority in the field. A CPP designation offers potential clients an assurance, not just of quality, but of technical skill and artistic expertise.

  ---Look at it this way... Would you choose a first year resident doctor for an operation just to save a bit? Having a Credential means the time was taken to learn how to preform at a higher standard. Certification makes a critical difference.