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All Sessions: $200

Newborn - Baby & Toddlers - Children & Tweens - Teens & HS Seniors

The Sessions Fee covers the time, talent, and education, and equipment expenses of Alisha and Joshua to create you the most outstanding portraits.  


 Get the Certified Professional Photographer Experience at Cline

Over the 8 years the Clines have been in business and after thousands of families, they've mastered the art of giving their clients a customized and creative experience. From the first time meeting to the end when their art pieces are displayed in their clients' homes, no stone is left unturned. Before any payment is made to save your session date, you'll discuss every detail, answer your questions, and be asked a lot of them too. The Cline's want to make sure what you want and what they can do will pair perfectly. They want you see and touch what you will be able to purchase for your family; all of the heirloom options are handcrafted by artisans in Iowa and Missouri. Before leaving the consultation, a date and time will be set, and the session fee is required to save your spot.

The average investment in portraits can vary depending on your wants and needs, each print orders starts with selecting at least 1 Signature Wall Portrait from $330. This year, clients have been investing an average of $2,000 in their heirlooms. Purchases have included a Statement sized Signature Art Canvases to fit their living space, Collections of Signature Art Prints for displaying at home and at the office, and either a Art Book or Signature Art Album. 2018 Seniors' favorites have been the 8x10 Signature Art Album. The clients who book with Cline Portraits, value printed products; as not to devalue their heirlooms, digital copies are not available for purchase. However, because we all love to share our photos on social media, The Cline DigiWallet App is a mobile and social media friendly sharing option to add on to your order. 

All major credit cards and cash are accepted; no checks please. Interest free financing is available for all orders. 20% of the balance + GA 7% sales tax is required the day of the Ordering Appointment. The remaining balance can be divided into equal payments up to 12 months. No part of the order will be ordered until full payment is received. Payments are automatically processed on the 1st of each month.


Print Artistry for Your Home

Portraits of your family is the most impactful and important heirloom you can display in your home. It is an investment that will be cherished for generations. Because of the value we put on your heirlooms each of our printing mediums, Signature Gallery Canvas, Signature Art Prints, and Traditional Photographic Prints, has been carefully chosen to showcase the beauty of your portraits and have a longevity rating of multi-generational. 

During your Ordering Appointment you'll get to see 25 images from your session on our 4k TV. Your session is photographed for quality, not quantity. You will find that 25 to be a comfortable amount to be able to choose plenty of favorites for any of your heirlooms but not be overwhelming by massive amounts of similar photos. Because this number is keep low; more time during the session will be spent getting the details correct. Many of our clients will be able to set aside at least 16 portraits for their Album, and from that will select for their Wall and gift prints. The Ordering Appointment lasts about 1 hour. This appointment is open to only the people who are decision makers for your family, friends are not permitted in the ordering room and will be asked to wait in the lobby. Keep in mind the Ordering Appointment is boring for children, quite entertainment is encouraged. Turn around time for your custom art pieces is about 10 weeks.


Signature Printed Art Collection

Signature Art Canvases - from $330

8x10 Signature Art Album - $1,700

10x10 Signature Printed Book -$1,200

Signature Art Prints - Multiple Pose & Prints Collections from $390